Tech ReUse Events

Looking for an environmentally friendly and privacy-ensured method to dispose of your unwanted computer equipment? 

Do you have laptops, computers, mobile phones or other computer accessories that you are no longer using? Don’t trash it, DONATE IT! 

Let us breathe new life into your unwanted computers and computer hardware – let us restore it for resale within the community.

Free Geek Toronto and NewMakeIt, with financial support from York Region’s Circular Economy Initiative Fund, are partnering to collect all the unwanted computer-related items you have collecting dust in your drawers, garages, and closets. We’ll be wiping the data, replacing components, and installing an open-source operating system to get the most out of unwanted technology.


We can accept items in working and non-working condition. Computer-related items include:

  • Laptop & Desktops Computers
  • Mobile Phones & Tablets, including e-readers
  • Any and all Cables/Cords (e.g. Ethernet, Power, DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA, etc.)
  • Monitors, including flat-screen TVs
  • Computer Accessories – Keyboards, Mice, Webcams, Microphones, Speakers
  • Internal Components – Graphic Cards, Wi-Fi/Network Cards, RAM & Hard Drives
  • Video Game Systems and Accessories

Please note that we can’t accept printers or printer/scanner combo units.

We will refurbish computers and computer hardware to be resold within the community – offering low-cost and accessible items for those who need and want them, including no-cost options as part of Adoption and Hardware Grant programs.


NewMakeIt, 621 Timothy Street, Newmarket


Sundays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Collection events start Sunday, September 10th, 2023 and end December 3th, 2023

There will be no collection event on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Data Destruction Policy

If reused, your data is destroyed using an industry-standard wiping process. Items that can’t be reused are securely stored until they can be physically destroyed during the recycling process.

About our Reuse Project

The ReUse Project is a collaborative initiative of Free Geek Toronto and NewMakeIt with the goal to run a series of electronic waste collection and repair events to encourage reuse and repair over recycling of unwanted technology. The project is funded by the Regional Municipality of York.