Technology for Social Change Organizations

In today’s world, operating a social change organization without access to reliable, quality technology is impossible.

But social change/non-profit budgets have limited funds for technology, so getting quality tech may not always be within reach.

No matter your organization’s technology needs, Free Geek Toronto has many options to support your organization. Eligible charitable, not-for-profit, and community organizations, including social change enterprises, can purchase refurbished computers from Free Geek Toronto at an affordable price. Our low-cost technology can be used in a number of ways, such as updating office devices, delivering on a grant project, or opening a community-focused computer lab. You can purchase technology in bulk at discounted prices.

Bulk Ordering

If your organization requires technology in bulk, please contact us to discuss available products and receive pricing information. Bulk orders can also provide custom computer configurations or benefits that may not be otherwise available in our stores and at discounted prices as well.

Free Geek Toronto considers an order of 5+ computers a bulk order. Ordering in bulk offers a larger discount than ordering individual devices. 

Please be aware that Free Geek Toronto takes care to ensure that our refurbished computers meet our high standards of quality. This means bulk orders can take time to prepare, especially for orders over 12 computers. Please plan accordingly. 

Finally, a 15% deposit will be required for all bulk orders. 

Items that can be ordered in Bulk

  • Laptop Computers
  • Desktop Computers
  • Computer Accessories (mice, keyboards, Wi-Fi adapters, cables, etc.)


To provide proof of your organization’s not-for-profit or charitable status, your organization must meet all four of the following criteria to be viewed as an eligible organization:

  • An organization email address (non-Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo email addresses) 
  • Confirmation of not-for-profit or charitable status (letters incorporation, listed on CRA charity database, etc.) OR certification as a social change enterprise through a third party
  • An up-to-date website OR Social media account(s) (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / TikTok)
  • 2+ paid staff members OR a Board of Directors 

Organizations that don’t meet the above criteria can be eligible if they have the support of a recognized not-for-profit/charitable organization that does meet the eligibility requirements. The supporting organization must supply a letter/agreement confirming this arrangement. 

Free Geek Toronto reserves the right to change these criteria at any time.