Hardware Grants

Looking to Make a Difference

Whenever possible, Free Geek Toronto provides no-cost computer hardware to non-profit and social change organizations, including youth-led enterprises, in the Greater Toronto Area on a limited basis. Our inventory of no-cost hardware is dependent on what is donated to us. Desktop computers, flat-screen monitors, and certain other peripherals are often available. Less common donations such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and higher-end computers and components are typically not available within this program. All Hardware Grant computers have Linux Mint installed.

Typical requests we fulfill are for one or two computers at a time.

Free Geek Toronto loves helping out many of the great organizations in the city! We do have some rules, so please go through this before applying.

  • Must dispose of the hardware in an environmentally responsible manner when it has reached the end of its life (such as donating it back to Free Geek Toronto).
  • Must be able to pick up the hardware in person from Free Geek Toronto’s office in Toronto, Ontario. Hardware grants are provided unboxed. We do not ship technology to grantees.
  • We ask that hardware grant recipients cultivate a positive relationship with Free Geek Toronto, including posting about grants received on your newsletters and social media, to help raise awareness about our program.
  • Eligible organizations may not submit multiple applications within 6 months.
  • Eligible organizations must wait 90 days after the fulfillment of a grant to reapply.
  • We rarely make hardware grants to international organizations given we do not ship technology.

To request a hardware grant, please fill out this application form.

Please provide as much detail as possible. Qualified or potentially qualified organizations will be contacted for a follow-up.

A valid phone number and email are required.