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What is an Employment Social Enterprise?

Employment social enterprises are businesses that create training and employment opportunities for people facing barriers to entry into the mainstream labour market. ESEs are a sub-category of social enterprises. Along with our environmental and digital inclusion mission, Free Geek Toronto is an employment social enterprise. 

Employment social enterprises provide supported training and employment support to employees, enabling them to obtain and maintain employment. 

ESEs are active in virtually every industry, including recycling, retail, food services, and more – and serve a variety of people facing barriers to the labour market, including people with disabilities, people with criminal records, newcomers, and more. ESEs vary widely in size, from small ventures of under $10,000 to multi-million dollar undertakings; and they operate both in urban centres and in rural communities.

Free Geek Toronto would like to thank the Toronto Enterprise Fund for its support.

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Free Geek Toronto is proud to be a certified social enterprise.

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