Meet Our Board

Meet Free Geek Toronto’s Amazing Team of Board Members

We’re board members and super-volunteers tirelessly dedicated to helping provide access to computers and the internet in Toronto through secure, ethical electronics recycling and community advocacy. Our mission is to promote social & economic justice!

Kara McIntosh
Kara McIntosh | President

Kara is a senior leader championing digital transformation in the financial services sector. She is a long-time technology enthusiast and an advocate and organizer for her local community in Toronto.

Ben Keen
Ben Keen | Vice-President

Ben is a seasoned corporate lawyer and partner at a leading national law firm. He works with private and public companies across various industries, including Life sciences, financial services and technology. He is passionate about environmental sustainability and inclusive communities.

Shannon Townsend
Shannon Townsend | Treasurer

Shannon is a strategic thinker passionate about working across sectors and bringing diverse perspectives together to create shared value. She works at a micro-finance organization that provides loans to newcomers, has held roles in healthcare and city-building not-for-profits, and is an accomplished fundraiser.

Will Campbell
Will Campbell | Secretary

Will has a background in journalism and marketing/communications and has worked with various start-ups and tech companies in Toronto. He is passionate about digital privacy and the right to repair.

Benji Tham
Benjamin Tham | Director

Benjamin is a researcher in optimization and industrial engineering and has worked in healthcare and education. He is passionate about digital inclusion, waste reduction, and building a more caring and sustainable future.

Jomana Elsays
Jomana Elsays | Director

Jomana senior is university student specializing in Finance, with a strong passion for ESG in both the private and non-profit sectors. She has experience advising policy change in her university's non-profit, and a strong marketing background, particularly in digital strategy.

Michelle Silva
Michelle Silva | Director

Michelle is a public affairs consultant supporting organizations across multiple industries in strategic communications and government relations. She is an experienced high-stakes communicator and has worked on sustainability mandates. 

Andre Deminiac
Andre Deminiac | Director

Andre is an engaged business manager with a product and operations background in the fintech space. With a passion for technology, he helps organizations develop and grow to find sustainable success.

Ryan Fukunaga - Executive Director
Ryan Fukunaga | Executive Director & Ex Officio Member

With over a decade of experience working in the non-profit sector, Ryan brings his interests in capacity building, fostering a DIY/hacker/maker ethos, environmental stewardship, and building technological resiliency for equity-seeking communities to Free Geek Toronto.