Get Involved

We love our volunteers.

Volunteers keep Free Geek Toronto operating and we need an energized team with caring and passionate leaders… like you!

Free Geek Toronto is a small organization that focuses on supporting volunteers to be doing meaningful work that lets them grow their own skills and knowledge while helping us keep electronics from the landfill. Volunteers help with many aspects of our operations including social media marketing, attending events to talk up Free Geek, sorting through the e-waste donations for usable tech, running workshops, and becoming leaders within Free Geek! There’s more to being a volunteer at Free Geek Toronto than simply refurbishing computers!

The first step to volunteering at Free Geek Toronto is to attend one of our Volunteer Information Sessions. They are always posted on Eventbrite and announced on our Facebook page.

Please note that to volunteer at Free Geek Toronto you have to be over the age of 18.

Have a specific question regarding volunteering? Contact Us